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  1. Hi John

    I will be returning from England in July and staying a couple weeks on the East coast near Boston. My intention is join you during the event in August. I will be driving up to Ottawa.

    I am looking forward to meeting many of you. We all bring so many perspectives to moment with stones. Presently I do not have web site other than the Facebook were I post my pictures.

    As a side note, I will be having very small event on the coast of England in June at Birling Gap which part of the National Trust in England.
    Plans call for James Brunt to be there as well. The coast lends a beautiful venue to play with stones there. I was wondering if I can use BAWI as the presented group of world wide stones balancers on the copy describing the event.

    Take Care.


    • North…. just logged in for the first time in a few days and found your message>>>>>>>>>>>> wonderful! I will add you on to the list, and what I would like from you is simply what you want to be posted here on the BAWI site, ie, bio and photo(s).The accommodation coverage may be a difficult, I am prepared to cover 10 rooms at the B&B, which may be full, and if so, I have back up accommodation at a low price at another B&B. Will you need accommodation and how many days? I plan to manage 2 nights for all visiting artists.
      If grants come in,no problems, but I can’t count on it, and will likely have to do a fundraiser in advance of the festival.. whatever works *
      And the event you are hosting sounds great, and can be posted on BAWI as a gallery, so please do use BAWI as a reference, it keeps the network tied together. Since BAWI was created by Betti & Carlo, it would be good to let them know as well, they will be pleased* The BAWI they did this past weekend was not a regular BAWI festival like the ones in Portonovo or Salerno, but BAWI applies anyway… and James is great talent to have for the festival, bravo*
      Talk again soon.

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