BAWI Balance Art World Intermeeting September 2015

Third Edition Bawi Italia, 2015

Sorrento, Massa Lubrense on the Paguro
Hosted by Salvatore Donnarumma




The third year of Stone Balancing, an incredibly rich program in the art of zen balancing of rocks will return to include the Sorrento Peninsula, attributed to its founder and artistic director, Salvatore Donnarumma, in collaboration with the restaurant il Paguro of Massa Lubrense, and the CMEA, and the patronage of the Municipalities of Massa Lubrense and Sorrento, the Marine Park’s of Punta Campanella, and Archeoclub of Massa Lubrense.

The initiative, to be held September 18 to 20 in the towns of Sorrento and Massa Lubrense, is enriched this year with the participation of international artists such as John Felice Ceprano, Miha Brinovec, Michael Grab, Evelyne Sanchez, Carlos Neves, Eleonore Woolley confirm the high quality level of performance that the event Sorrento- Massa has achieved in just three years.

The intent of this third year is not limited to the exhibition of the artists on the Chiaia Marina Lobra. but aims to disseminate and educate the younger generation the creative philosophy the meditative art of rock balancing contains. And to this end, the Southern Center for Environmental Education of Sorrento (CMEA), organized the morning of Friday, September 18 from 9.00 to 13.00 meetings laboratories of balanced stones with the expert balancers and students of primary and secondary schools Institutes including “Gemelli” of Sant’Agnello, “Sorrento” and “Tasso” of Sorrento, and “Pulcarelli” of Massa Lubrense that have been achieved in just three years.

This event is a party open to all and is an opportunity to raise awareness towards new aspects of nature in which the physical balance is closely related to the psycho-physical individual. Balancing rocks requires attention, control, concentration and brings us closer with more ‘awareness and respect of nature, “says Salvatore Donnarumma, which also emphasizes the ecological value of the stone sculptures.

It starts Friday, September 18 with the morning dedicated to schools and concludes in evening at 19.00 in the beautiful setting of the cloister of San Francesco in Sorrento, where a presentation organized by CMEA entitled “The era of the Stones – How and when the balance meets the land. There you will be Introduced to Prof. Mariella Nica and be attended by geologists – prof. Roberto Pellino – prof. Angelo Stabile. There will also be a demonstration of stone-balancing and music by the rapper Mauro Marsu.

Saturday, September 19, on the Chiaia, Marina Lobra artists-balancers will start their performance, which will involve the students of the participating schools. A photo contest will be launched and in the afternoon there will be the opening of the photographic exhibition on the watchtowers “Baluardi Coastal balance” and the intervention of historical and cultural Archeoclub Massa Lubrense entitled “From stone to marble: Marina Archaeological Lobra “, a cultural meeting organized by Stefano Ruocco on archaeological evidence of Marina Lobra. The day will end with a party at the restaurant Il Paguro.

Sunday, September 20, art activities will continue until sunset and will end with the award ceremony and a photo exhibition of greetings for guests. During the three days of stone-balancing, it will be nice to walk on the Chiaia di Massa Lubrense, among the stone sculptures, so precarious as fascinating, so illogical in their balance while solid in the thought of those who imagine and create, with artists Carlo Pietrarossi, Betti Failla, Renato Brancaleoni Loriana Tittarelli, Andrea Mei, Nicola Sette, Maurizio Signorini, Mauro Petriccione, Enza Russo Mariagrazia Manfredi, Gianna De Bortoli, Max Graves and Salvatore Donnarumma.

It will be great to take photos with their “monuments to the provisional nature”; their balanced stones that the first wind or smaller wave will take away in an instant.




Friday, September 18, 2015

09: 00-13: 00 – Laboratory of stone-balancing with students of primary and middle schools of the towns of Sant’Agnello, Sorrento and Massa Lubrense.

19:00 – Meeting organized by CMEA in the splendid cloister of San Francesco in Sorrento:
Theme: “The era of the Stones” – How and when the balance meets the land.
Introduce Prof. Mariella Nica
Interventions of Geologists – prof. Roberto Pellino – prof. Angelo Stable.
Demonstration of stone balancing.
Musical space by the rapper Mauro Marsu.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

10:00 Participants arrival and early artistic activities – opening photo contest;
11:00 workshop with school students and all those who want to learn the art of balanced stones;
12:30 lunch break;
19:00 opening of photo exhibition on the towers and historical-cultural intervention Archeoclub of Massa Lubrense as “From stone to marble: Marina Lobra Archaeological”;
20:00 evening at the Restaurant il Paguro – Marina Lobra.

Sunday, September 20, 2015
10:00 continuation artistic activities until sunset;
12:30 lunch break;
18:00 awards photo contest;
20:00 closing event.

BAWI NAPOLI March 2015

Da Ramaglia, i sassi in “Equilibrium” di Donnarumma

Salvatore Donnarumma, ospitando BAWI Massa Lubrense  (foto 2013)
1383178_10202029639880381_1063578182_nDal 6 al 16 marzo


Salvatore Donnarumma, Curator of BAWI MASSA LUBRENSE
From 6 to March 16, 2015

Put the stones in balance, was born as a form of meditation ZEN, is now known as a form of “art of the earth” Land Art. The stones, rocks or pebbles are stacked without any help, gravity and balance is found only conditions accepted.
“Balancer” are called those who with humility and patience erect stone figures in balance, also called improperly sculptures. The personal artistic sensibility and skill in search of balance means that the works are very personal, unique and easily recognizable.
We have tried to give a descriptive canonization, overlapping stones, large stone balanced on top of a small tower, figure … various descriptions that seem to fall into two unique groups: balanced stones or overlapping.
Generally in “full-immersion” in nature, rivers, lakes, rocky beaches. These are the places chosen. Many Balancers during the bad season make “Stone Balancing Indoor” this serves to keep operating even at home or indoors.
The search for a balance of two or more stones demands patience and concentration, estrangement by time, full nature of the place where you work, and listening to the sounds of silence. The equilibrium product certification reached a state of grace. The time to put in balance, as long as you remain in balance, time is excluded, no space, is not covered … and perhaps that is the output from the time that it takes so much Balancer, but also those who are fascinated watching: children are more ready to understand the profound message, stop watch and soon begin to make their balances.
The Balancing Stone is also a great alternative to the usual pastimes beach, environmental and social life, for this is spreading with satisfaction at tourist sites more advanced ecological-environmental sensitivity.

The practice for the man of the use of the stones to build something is as old as civilization. Constant, however, is the search for a stable and lasting immutable: the walls to agricultural necropolis or pyramids, or the most mysterious Dolmen British or the heads of Easter Island. Practiced for the world by a few enthusiasts, today is spreading a particular discipline, indefinite between art and meditation, the overlap of balanced stones: the Stone Balancing. Stone sculptures that arise are ephemeral and elusive, if not devoid of aggregating the static balance of the composition and the force of gravity, the more daring structures as the most fascinating and often unbelievable. This passion has seen its official launch in Italy in April 2012 in Portonovo, “Incredibles Equilibria Probable” a contest of artists who wrestled in expressive performances and demonstrations in the beautiful bay of Conero.

“After the composition, the photograph and we are waiting to see the element that will collapse: the breaking wave or a gust of wind … but if the balance continues, usually dismantle to prevent any curious child may take risks since the fall of the stones. “

The pleasure of balance so laboriously found lost and now is projected in the future and always different work of stone, the better: the next one that will.


OTTAWA BAWI FESTIVAL _ August 2014 Remic Rapids, Ottawa








BAWI-flyer2 2



Pre-BAWI: CBC TV NEWS:  “Sculptures coming to Ottawa River”:

NEW TANG DYNASTY TV 新唐人电视台: “STONE” “石”  (Chinese & English)

TOP VIEW CAMERA,  aerial view of festival site and art:

FIRST KICK AT THE CAT PRODUCTIONS  (on site video of festival 2014):


Photos and video: International rock balancing art festival
Ottawa Citizen August 2014



1. FRIDAY_02 AUGUST, SUNSET: “The Barbecue Girls”

‘A Considerable Cacoon’ video by TV TELE TRENTE

3.SUNDAY_04 AUGUST, SUNSET: “Tipping Point” Jazz improv, finale:

angelas DIRIENZO downtown-bnb-logo stella-luna
IN ASSOCIATION WITH ncc-ottawa-logo

OTTAWA BAWI 2014 is curated by John Felicè Ceprano, CEO, OTTAWA ROCK ART INC.


 04 August 2014 sunset


1. Dan Davis, Montreal, QC“Rock balancing is many things; it’s ephemeral art, it’s a meditation, a one pointed focus: a way of embracing impermanence. I always laugh when my sculptures topple over after my working so hard on them, then I say to myself, “New opportunities await.” It’s a way of embracing nature, a way of developing patience.”


Dan-JPhoto:Kathy Clarke

2. Karl Ciesluk, Ottawa, ON
Internationally acclaimed “land artist” Karl Ciesluk, has provided numerous public art installations throughout the world. Two samples of Canadian Public Two of numerous Art projects by Karl, one in Kelona, BC & here in Ottawa, Ontario.

3. Bill Piesher, New York, USA 556617_10151159810861281_1903045697_n

4. Jose Chvaicer, Haifa, Israel & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
When Appreciating the images of the ROCK BALANCING ART one can make an incredible analogy for the All-Loving-All wave: Each stone is Strong when alone, Highly fragile and improbable but beautiful when Together.


5. Michael Grab, Boulder, Colorado, USA, Edmonton, AB
Rocks are powerful teachers; ancient and wise; forged by countless years of geology; 
perfectly content with what they are. They normally appear to us as mundane objects amidst a growing excess of cultural stimulus. Through FEELING them and balancing them, the rocks have become my new points of focus, while making the excesses of our culture appear mundane.
They are cues to look within our nature for well-being; cues that have taught me to LISTEN..
BALANCE being a grand metaphor for LIFE and sustainability everywhere.” Michael-Jphoto: Kathy Clarke

04aug14_2716_75804aug14_2719_761with Evelne Sanchez & Jose Chvaicer

6. Robert Kaufmann, Ithaca, NY, USA


7. Kathy Clarke, Atascadero, California, USA
An ephemeral art form more commonly known as a Rock Balance! Rock balancing – is a test of creativity, balance, patience, strength and endurance. The actual building process proves to be an outstanding expenditure of time, thought and effort while experiencing some of nature’s finest elements, and ‘being’ in some of nature’s exceptional places! K MHSbKathy-J

10433951_10152605859495309_4784765457139747983_nphoto: Tom Grace, Ottawa

KATHY CLARKEphoto: Pira Pirani, Ottawa

                                                                  8. Peter Juhl, Egan, Minnesota, USA “Uniting elements of performance art, sculpture, and meditation, balance artist and photographer Peter Juhl arranges natural stones found on location, using only 1896799_10203292289454386_755268833_n shape, weight, and frictionto create ephemeral works of art. No glue, magnets, or other artificial supports are used. Often enduring for mere minutes before toppling, the sculptures live on in the artist’s photographs.

photo by Kathy Clarke

10. Evelyne Sanchez  Rocbaron, France
J’ai toujours aimé les pierres, mon père les aimait aussi. J’ai rencontré les pierres en équilibre par l’intermédiaire d’un ami. J’ai d’abord pensé, tout en étant très admirative que cette pratique n’était pas pour moi…..trop calme, trop statique. Mais contre toute attente….me trouvant un jour au bord de mer…. j’ai décidé d’essayer. J’ai été comme happée et je n’ai plus cessé depuis. C’est une façon de se recentrer sur l’essentiel en faisant le vide…. un lavage de l’âme en quelque sorte tout en renouant avec des pratiques ancestrales et très simples qui m’apportent joie paix et bien être. C’est à la portée de tout le monde et il faut essayer dans le respect de l’environnement et des autres pour comprendre ce que j’essaie d’exprimer..


04aug14_2720_762with Michael Grab, Nicola Sette,  & Jose Chvaicer

04aug14_2721_763with Karl Ciesluk

Evelyn-Jphoto: Kathy Clarke

11. Tsutomu Koike   Arida-gun, Wakayama, Japan
For me growing up in a rich natural environment, rock is extremely familiar. It was only natural as a medium that reflects the creative desire. Rock balancing was a play for me, but I was immersed in gradually to rock balancing to change the form in response to the desire of me. And rock balancing evolved mental activity that creates alter ego that began reflecting the inner surface of me. Rock balancing has a temporary nature. There is a saying that “HAKANAI” in Japan. this means that it is fragile and is easily closed down. For example, it is a rainbow, is the light of the firefly, and the life of human beings, and the fireworks. They have a beauty because there is a temporary nature. I have been pursuing the same beauty also works for me. Point in the pursuit of beauty is to the zero gravity illusion by making a big rock that was stationary, and to minimize the junction area of the rock. In addition, work will be completed in harmony with nature space. The surrounding environment that changes in time and season will be integrated with the rock balancing. And it will produce a stage and bring out the beauty of essential rock balancing. Because there is a temporary nature, the finished work will be in the photo. Photos of rock balancing my “Rock’s Portrait” is also the work of same. Tsutomu Koike



photo: Kathy Clarke

Tsutomu Koike

tsutomuwith Jose Chvaicer & Michael Grab


12. Nicola Sette, Genova, Italy

Nicola hosted “BAWI – VARIGOTTI” on the Italian Riviera near Genova, Italy, from July 5 to 6 2014. It is an honor to have Nicola participate in this years festival after all his dedication to host “BAWI VARIGOTTI” a month earlier.

Nicola-2-JPhoto: Kathy Clarke


13. North Watt, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
As a stone balance artist, I often find that I don’t find stones, they find me. When a stone allows itself to be expressed in balance, magic happens. This occurs for the artist and observer. When a child or an adult sees the wonder of creativity in balance, that connectivity is what makes us a community.


North-JPhoto: Kathy Clarke

north watt



“The Barbecue Girls”

2. SATURDAY_03 AUGUST, AFTERNOON: “The Ottawa Stitlt Union”
‘A Considerable Cacoon’ video by TV TELE TRENTE

laura-astwoodA considerable cocoon has very recently been spotted hanging in a tree in your neighbourhood. Very little is known about the the species, which has been dubbed penipotens adipatus magnus (P.A.M. or ‘Pam’ for short). This marks the first time in a great many years that human beings get the opportunity to observe evidence of the obscure organism, and the first time ever that anyone has seen a live specimen! Laypeople interested in contributing to the efforts are invited, nay, encouraged to make their way to the cocoon site on August 3 at Remic Rapids . Every passing day brings us one day closer to Pam’s emergence; don’t miss your chance to be a part of this historic event!


3.SUNDAY_04 AUGUST, SUNSET: “Tipping Point” Jazz improv, finale:  TIPPING-POINT-01The personnel for Tipping point is Adrian Matte (saxophone), Daniel Hollenberg (winds) and Joshua Olsynko (percussion), created specifically for the 2014 Ottawa BAWI Balanced Art World International Festival in Ottawa ON.  Original music serving as thematic material will be composed during a site visit, drawing inspiration from the Remic Rapids site including the river, the rocks, shoreline, and the overall energy. On the day of the performance the musicians will perform in a manner that reflects the working methods of stone balance artists, and is based on my experience watching John Ceprano in particular. While there is a general plan, the stones and the process of balancing means the process restarts at every step. The final product is more than the result of a single original vision: it is the result of each arrived at state of balance and the multiple possibilities it then offers for the next stone. For the musicians, the composed sections are the raw materials – the stones. The improvised sections represent the act of balancing, and the slow building of the sculpture. Once the first stone is balanced, a new stone is found, and balanced in turn.  The focus for the musicians is playing the improvised “tipping point” – the period of time where the stone is being carefully brought to a point of stability.

4. Special guest artist, Hand Drummer, Pierre Sauvé, Gatineau, QC. 

pierre sauvé

Pierre serendipitously arrived on site 2 weeks before the festival and performed freely during the festival. Here is a video clip from a collaboration with Natasha Royka’s “Fairy Dance” on 22 August 2014.
Natasha Royka Fairy Dance with Pierre Sauve_Remic Rpaids_part_1_22Aug2014

BAWI Massa Lubrense, Italia 13 -20 October 2013



Gallery dal Vincenzo di Nuzzo
Balanced Art World Intermeeting
Pietre in equilibrio

Galleria Commune Massa Lubrense:

Galleria II:

ulteriori immagini possono essere visualizzate in Galleria

articoli da riviste, giornali e internet


IL CORRIERE DEL MEZZOGIORNO:–2223518454777.shtml





















Hosted by Salvatore Donnarumma

this video was made by Italian Filmaker:

Festival sites:

1260902_510737982348640_1570417614_nThe Region Campania will give hospitality for the first time to the international meeting of balanced stone art from October 13th to 20th 2013, with artists coming> from all over the world.

The performances of these artists will be arranged on the most beautiful shores of the “Terra delle Sirene” – “Siren-land”.

The workshops will be alternated with guides visits, exhibitions, concerts and conferences.

sunday october 13th – welcome – inauguration of the exhibitions – conference;
monday october 14th – visit to Massa Lubrense;
tuesday october 15th – excursion on the Amalfi coast;
wednesday october 16th – 1st work day – Baia di Mitigliano;
thursday october 17th – excursion to Pompeii and Vesuvius; (*)
friday october 18th – 2nd work day – Marina del Cantone;
saturday october 19th – 3th work day – Marina della Lobra;
sunday october 20th – 4th work day – Baia di Ieranto.
(*) – entrance fees in Pompeii are euro 11,00 for person; for Vesuvius the cost is euro 8,00.

– The artists who want to partecipate, must fill the applications form (attached).

All the artists and their relatives will be put up by the hotel “Gocce di Capri” in Termini – Massa Lubrense, where we are worming to create “the Fortress of the Artists”.

The stay in the “Terra delle Sirene”, food, transfer and guides visits will be in part subsidized by the local authorities with a small contribut from the artist.

It has started the collection of founds that will give financing to the attending to the festival, so that their expenses will be lighter.

If someone wants to contribute to the cause, please address your donation to ‘conto PayPal’.

Please, indicate BAWI_ITALY_2013 for your donation.

Futher informations or details will be published before the festival. Thanks.

A suggestion to all balancers: “Beware of the Mermaids!!! They are spiteful…!”



La Regione Campania ospiterà per la prima volta il meeting internazionale delle Pietre in Equilibrio dal 13 al 20 ottobre 2013 con artisti provenienti da svariate località del mondo.

Le performances degli artisti si effettueranno sui più bei lidi della “Terra delle Sirene”.

I workshop saranno alternati da attività di fruizione del territorio con visite guidate, mostre, concerti e conferenze.

Programma Manifestazioni
domenica 13 ottobre 2013 – accoglienza – inaugurazione mostre – conferenza;
lunedi 14 ottobre 2013 – visita a Massa Lubrense;
martedi 15 ottobre 2013 – escursione in costiera amalfitana;
mercoledi 16 ottobre 2013 – 1^ giornata di lavoro – baia di mitigliano;
giovedi 17 ottobre 2013 – visita scavi di pompei e vesuvio;
venerdi 18 ottobre 2013 – 2^ giornata di lavoro – marina del cantone;
sabato 19 ottobre 2013 – 3^ giornata di lavoro – marina della lobra;
domenica 20 ottobre 2013 – 4^ giornata di lavoro – baia di ieranto.

– Gli artisti che desiderano partecipare dovranno compilare il modulo di iscrizione.
(questo qui sotto)

Tutti gli artisti ed i loro familiari al seguito saranno ospitati presso la struttura alberghiera “Gocce di Capri” in località Termini di Massa Lubrense, dove verrà creata una vera e propria “cittadella degli artisti”.

Il soggiorno nella “Terra delle Sirene”, il vitto, i transfer e le visite fin dove possibile saranno sovvenzionati dalle autorità locali con un minimo contributo da parte degli artisti.

E’ partita da poco una campagna di raccolta fondi che fornirà finanziamenti esclusivamente ai partecipanti al festival, in modo tale da alleggerire le spese di tutta la manifestazione.

Se qualche volontario vuole contribuire alla causa, si prega di indirizzare tutte le donazioni al sito ‘conto PayPal’.

Si prega di indicare BAWI_ITALY_2013 per la tua donazione, sarà cosa molto gradita!

La nostra è un’organizzazione non a scopo di lucro, quindi, vi preghiamo di compilare le schede di partecipazione allegate per le eventuali autorizzazioni di utilizzo delle immagini ed eventuali video delle performances.

Tutte le giornate di lavoro saranno testimoniate sul sito ufficiale e svariate testate giornalistiche locali.

Maggiori informazioni e/o dettagli saranno pubblicati prima del festival. Grazie a tutti.

Oh dimenticavo! un suggerimento a tutti i balancers: “attenti alle sirene sono dispettose!”



August 3, 4, & 5

Remic Rapids , Ottawa CANADA

BAWI 2013 4


OTTAWA BAWI 2013 is sponsored by Ottawa Rock Art, the City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission. The first OTTAWA BAWI in 2012, hosted 12 artists from USA, Canada and Italy. The surprising success and huge attendance encouraged the City of Ottawa & the NCC to continue sponsorship of the festival to 2017, Canada’s 150th anniversary.

This year’s festival will include a variety of talented artists from across Canada, the United States, Italy, Israel & Brazil. Ottawa Rock Art Inc. will host the festival, as it did in 2012. Public and private donations helped tremendously in 2012, providing our guests with food and accommodation while creating their work in Ottawa.

This year’s line up of artists include: Betti Failla, Italy; Dan Davis, Canada; Peter Juhl, USA; Peter Riedel, Canada; Jose Chvaicer, Israel & Brazil, Bill  Peisher, USA, Robert Kauffman, USA; Nancy Grace, Canada; Denise Dowdy, Canada; Karl Ciesluk, Canada. Guest musician, Ian Hanchet, from Montreal, will provide guitar solo upon site throughout the festival as he did in 2012.  Other performers will participate in the festival, including Laura Astwood and the Ottawa Stilt Union, scheduled at 11 am, Saturday the 3rd of August. The Ottawa Stilt Union has performed upon site before and is for all ages. Sample photo from 2011 performance: 24jul_3124

Ottawa’s Downtown B & B will provide accommodation at 1/2 price to our guests as they did in 2012. Their support is most appreciated by all, and has been recognized internationally as one of the top 10 Vegetarian B and B’s in the world.

Please help support OTTAWA BAWI 2013, and promote the natural relaxed beauty of  Canada’s national capital region. To donate, please use the paypal account, and thank you in advance.

All contributors to OTTAWA BAWI 2013 will be posted on this site and rewards in the form of a calendar or t-shirt will be provided to donations of $50.00 or more.

From all of us at BAWI, see you there & many thanks for your support.

John Felicè Ceprano, CEO Ottawa Rock Art Inc.

THE BIRTH OF BAWI 2012 Portonovo, Ancona, IT



APRILE 12-16 2012

Top row (left to right): Marina Garbetta, Joel Alvarez Landa, Lorianna Tittarelli, John Felice Ceprano, Carlo Pietrarossi, Salvatore Donnarumma, Paolo Spoltore, Gabriele Meneguzzi, Michael Grab, Renato Brancaleoni; Front row (left to right): Peter Juhl, Betti Nella Failla, Heiko Brinkmann.

Prima BAWI Gallery:

529255_3010046377672_1551869797_nPaolo Spoltore and Salvatore Donnarumma. Flags made by Lorianna Tittarelli. 14 Aprile 2012


The international festival of stone balance, BAWI Portonovo 2012, organized by Carlo Pietrarossi and Nella Betti Failla with the support of Mr. Aldo and Rosanna Roscioni owners of the Excelsior Hotel La Fonte Portonovo, Ancona.


Balance Art World International Portonovo Aprile 2012 by Edo Uomodelmare